Inspired, with purpose.

In my life and in my work, I am interested in the cyclical and reciprocal relationship of social normalization and radicalization, and the interplay between generations and socio-economic strata. But most important to me is the effect on and context this provides for individuals. I am deeply concerned with the experience of the individual in a global, consumerist, hyper-connected world.

I am driven by a desire to be an agent of positive change in the lives of those around me, and see art as a source of spiritual education and inspiration. I feel a deep responsibility to seek enlightenment and to create works of art that can be challenging, but that might also soothe, uplift, and inspire the solitary spirit as we navigate this mortal coil.

Education and Evolution

I grew up in the rural South, with one foot on either side of the the dot com boom. I benefitted from a childhood without internet access, with plenty of empty days and space in which to explore and create. I began to draw, write, and paint early in life, and have never really stopped.

I attended College of Coastal Georgia beginning in 2011, where I studied art with the goal of eventually teaching. There, I was lucky enough to study under Professor Jeff LeMieux, who supported my classical/academic aesthetic leanings; however, I chose to leave before taking a degree, and have found that independent artmaking and learning are essential to my creative happiness.

For the most part, my work has moved away from physical media in recent years, though traditional drawing is still my most cherished pastime.

These days, I primarily craft highly-detailed, labor-intensive digital paintings.

Artmaking in the Digital Age

You can read my perspective on digital artmaking here.

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